Dive into a better way of working

From laying water mains to carrying out streetworks and coordinating developer services, triopsis is the workforce management and scheduling system that overcomes workforce challenges. It combines a powerful, intuitive technology platform with people-focused, problem-solving teams, and can be deployed quickly at low risk. It gives real-time visibility of every job with a full audit trail, and delivers more efficient, more effective working.

Ofwat with PR19 is driving harder than ever before to improve efficiency, customer service and resilience. In addition to these key metrics PR19 is also requiring water companies to share financing gains with customers and look to the future to protect and improve the natural environment. In this challenging context it is essential that core workforce management and scheduling systems are meeting the business needs and can adapt to the future. Triopsis provides systems which make it easy to improve utilisation rates, meet the requirements of service level agreements, improve customer contacts and make new connections quicker to complete. With triopsis, the whole customer journey can be monitored from beginning to end.

    How we help water companies

    As specialists in workforce management for utilities companies, we understand what businesses like yours need. triOpsis improves efficiency and effectiveness, and allows you to focus on business issues including customer service, long-term resilience, affordable bills and leakage.

    Benefits that Triopsis brings

    Choose Triopsis, and we will ensure your system is delivered on time and within budget.


    Improve Productivity

    With the power and flexibility of Triopsis at their fingertips, teams are able to work more efficiently and effectively, and admin time is reduced.

    Remove Paper and Spreadsheets

    Triopsis speeds up processes and reduces errors by giving you and your teams access to all the forms and data they need, paper-free.


    Better Document Management

    With Triopsis, mobile workers access all their workflow documents from a mobile device no matter where they are or when they need them.

    Effective Risk Management

    Triopsis is a secure system that keeps valuable customer data safe and helps ensure your workforce management is GDPR compliant.

    Manage Service Level Agreements

    Triopsis helps you stay on top of your client, regulatory and legal targets, with automatic generation and tracking of your service level agreements.

    Drive Down Costs

    By ensuring that workflow processes run smoothly and efficiently, Triopsis helps drive down costs associated with fines, disputes and aborted works.

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