Timesheets, health and wellness

Look after your staff to retain them

It is tough recruiting staff when there is a skills shortage in the sector therefore it is essential when you have managed to hire good staff to then retain them. Retention can be helped by making it easier and faster for staff to complete timesheets and get paid on time every time and ensure this is the right amount. In addition to getting paid with the minimum of fuss you need to ensure that everyone has the right qualifications for the job and completes the essential risk assessments.

    What does it do?

    The timesheets, health and wellbeing product gives you immediate value for money as it can be set up very quickly and will give you peace of mind over the following:

    • Timesheets – quickly and easily submit timesheets and integrate with your payroll system
    • Qualifications – track all qualifications of your staff to easily see when qualifications expire and ensure everyone on-site is qualified
    • Risk assessments – complete the essential risk assessments every day, vehicle checks, RAMS, PUWER and LOLER

    For our full product overview please download our product sheet below.

    Why triopsis?

    Choose triopsis, and we will ensure your system is delivered on time and within budget.

    Sector specific solutions

    You wouldn’t let your GP perform open heart surgery on you. So why choose a software company that wouldn’t know a grab truck from a grit spreader?

    As the ONLY tech software specialists for the utilities sector, we know the ins and outs of your day-to-day, so we can help you overcome all the things that are getting in your way.

    Not tied into a contract

    The world’s full of companies that charge you for things you don’t use. Like gyms who still take your money even when you don’t go. This stuff grinds our gears.

    So, our prices aren’t based on your company size. They’re based on how many of your staff use the software each month. And we’re so confident this is the best way to work things, we’ll never tie you into a contract. 

    Continuous improvement plans

    It’d be easy for us to shake your hand and swan-off to South America while you tinker around with your new software.

    But we like hard work too much. So, from the moment we set your system up, we’ll keep fine-tuning things to make sure it’s always doing what you need. With no extra costs for any changes.

    People first

    In Italy, they build gorgeous cars and slot the driver in right at the end. But in Germany, everything begins with the driver. The car is built around their needs.

    We’re like the Germans. If our software doesn’t win you more jobs, keep your team safe, save you money or get you paid, then it’s not worth building.

    Everything starts with you.

    No consultants

    Most off-the-shelf software has to be adapted to your needs. That means shelling out on consultant fees every time you need a tweak. And even then, it might not happen for ages.

    As a consultant-free company, our team sets your software up and works alongside you, tailoring things to suit the way you work. For one fixed fee.

    Everything’s in house

    You know that saying “if you want something doing right, then do it yourself”?

    Well, we do all software design and development ourselves.

    It’s our platform. Built by our in-house team, who get involved at every step of every project. Working together to make sure every job’s done right.

    Want to find out more? Drop us a message