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Gas Distribution Networks

RIIO incentivises network safety, network reliability, customer service, new connections, social obligations, protection of the environment.


Field users capture safety information and notify the appropriate stakeholders

Network Reliability

Simple rapid re-scheduling of resources in an emergency reduces unplanned interruption time

Customer service

Customer contact logging and a transparent planning board improves the customer journey

New connections

Reduces the time to connect and tracks SLAs to improve Guaranteed Standards of Performance

Social obligations

Customer vulnerability information is captured and data is protected in line with GDPR

Regulatory reporting

Key RIIO incentives and KPIs are built into the system so regulatory reporting is automated and simplified

In addition to RIIO, triOpsis delivers core operational benefits:


Increased field worker productivity with real time scheduling and workflow management.

Remove paper and spreadsheets

Reduced cost, improved efficiency and GDPR compliance.

Document management

All documents within a workflow accessible to mobile workers.

Risk management

Control of customer data within a secure environment for GDPR

Service Level Agreements

Auto generation and tracking of SLAs to manage client, regulatory and legal targets.

Drive down costs

Reducing the costs of failure from fines, disputes, aborted works etc. drives down costs.