Schedule Smart

The first and only AI-driven smart scheduling engine for the road maintenance and utilities sectors

Schedule Smart

AI driven, but human controlled

It’s easy to be dazzled by the idea of automated scheduling. But dumping all your data into a black box for an AI to transform into a schedule for your teams rarely produces anything you can rely on.

With Schedule Smart, you manage and review all of the data that goes in, and let our AI engine do its heavy calculations. Then your team has the power to accept or reject whatever schedules it creates. Control and visibility from start to finish.

Your people can then mark the scheduling engine’s homework, making any data changes needed before running another schedule. And we use the feedback to constantly improve things. It’s the machine doing the complex tasks, and humans doing the common sense stuff. Exactly as it should be.

Making management of a field force easier

If you work for Amazon, sophisticated route planning or generic scheduling software is probably all you need. But if your work is more complex than multi-drop deliveries – as with the road maintenance and utilities sectors – you need a specialist tool.

Work involving roads, electricity cables, gas mains or water pipes usually has a range of business drivers, like meeting SLA targets and maximising staff productivity.

There are also many more variables to consider when scheduling, like the date a job needs to be completed, staff qualifications and skills, travel time and working hours. Schedule Smart takes each and every one of them into account.

Gets on well with other software

Systems that do a little bit of everything, tend to do nothing well.

Schedule Smart on the other hand, only does one thing. But it does it exceptionally well – like no other tool in the sector. So we’ve built it from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with other industry leading software.

This means you can plug it into your tech stack knowing it’ll run alongside whatever workforce management system, ERP or asset management solution you have.

Save the planet, profitably

It doesn’t matter where “reducing carbon emissions” lies in your list of priorities, because Schedule Smart will save you CO2 regardless.

The fancy phrase for it is decarbonising profitably. In everyday language, this means that our software will reduce the miles travelled per job which reduces your fuel costs and hence your CO2.

So, whether you can fit in more jobs, or do more work for the same mileage, you’ll be reducing carbon emissions and saving money compared with today. And that’s always good for business.

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How the triopsis workforce management system helped Electricity North West

“We set a stretch target for Triopsis. They delivered over and above the target. Triopsis Workforce Manager added value immediately. It continues to evolve with the business as we improve.”

Martin Deehan, Operations Director North
Electricity North West

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