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Our Capabilities

triOpsis consistently delivers systems on time and on budget through the deployment of three key capabilities; technology, sector knowledge and our implementation methodologies.



  • Create multiple workflows
  • Create nested and looped workflows
  • Include stage-gated forms and actions


  • Appointments with timeslots and SLAs
  • Bulk scheduling for open ended-batch work
  • Semi-automated scheduling based on skills, geography, time etc.


  • Recording contact attempts and rescheduling
  • Booking appointments with standard time slots
  • Auto-generation of SLAs and achievement against SLAs

Service Level Agreements

  • Auto-generate multiple SLA dates for any job
  • Track SLA targets with Red, Amber and Green status
  • Auto-track the achievement of SLAs

Document templates

  • Unlimited template library
  • Full customised templates with branding and styles
  • Auto-populate templates with system data


  • Unlimited email and SMS notifications
  • Rules-based triggers for sending notifications
  • PDF and Excel reports included within notifications


  • Native iOS and Android applications
  • Flexible form building of any length and complexity
  • mMultiple paths through a form based on the user responses


  • Record time job by job in a quick easy calendar view
  • Workflow to run reviewing, approval and corrections
  • Integration with finance systems such as SAP

Data Sharing, web services

  • Export data in CSV, JSON, XML etc.
  • Automate data extract frequency
  • Data mapping and translations

Asset Management

  • Manage asset lifecycles from installation to disposal
  • Schedule recurring maintenance
  • Update asset records for work completed

Contract Management

  • Record work carried out on a job for billing purposes
  • Add charges as required to each stage of the job
  • Share work completed with clients in real time

Document Management

  • Store all job documentation in one place
  • Include document management as part of a workflow
  • Easily searched and shared across devices