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Gas companies face a wide range of workforce management challenges, but our Triopsis workforce management and scheduling solution overcomes them quickly, helping companies work more efficiently and effectively within weeks. Combining an intuitive, highly configurable technology platform with problem-solving, people- focused teams, it delivers complete visibility of every job, helps improve productivity and reduces costs.

Gas is a carefully regulated sector, and Triopsis makes it easy to report on and fulfil these obligations. Safety is paramount, with each user able to capture accurate information and submit it to stakeholders as needed. Regulatory data is collected as part of the core workflow and scheduling with key RIIO incentives and KPIs built in. From speeding up new connections to improving customer service and helping to meet social obligations, Triopsis delivers benefits across the business.


    How we help gas companies


    From the management of notices and permits to every aspect of site work – including site set-up, excavation, asset work, backfill, reinstatement and site clearance – Triopsis covers it all.

    Reactive Work

    From simple scheduling and rescheduling of work to the execution and completion of the job, Triopsis delivers the power and flexibility you need to deal with reactive work effectively.

    Planned Work

    Coordinate every aspect of planned projects, from the pre-job preparation to the work on-site and through to completion, with full visibility along the way.

    Benefits that Triopsis brings

    Choose Triopsis, and we will ensure your system is delivered on time and within budget.


    Improve Productivity

    With the power and flexibility of Triopsis at their fingertips, teams are able to work more efficiently and effectively, and admin time is reduced.

    Remove Paper and Spreadsheets

    Triopsis speeds up processes and reduces errors by giving you and your teams access to all the forms and data they need, paper-free.


    Better Document Management

    With Triopsis, mobile workers access all their workflow documents from a mobile device no matter where they are or when they need them.

    Effective Risk Management

    Triopsis is a secure system that keeps valuable customer data safe and helps ensure your workforce management is GDPR compliant.

    Manage Service Level Agreements

    Triopsis helps you stay on top of your client, regulatory and legal targets, with automatic generation and tracking of your service level agreements.

    Drive Down Costs

    By ensuring that workflow processes run smoothly and efficiently, Triopsis helps drive down costs associated with fines, disputes and aborted works.

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