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Driving for success with Glenmavis Traffic Management

Our roads carry everything from long-distance freight to local shoppers, forming an infrastructure network that keeps our modern world moving. Few of us consider quite how important this freeflowing network really is until we see flashing lights on the horizon, some roadside signage, and a parade of cones down the middle of the carriageway. 

For Glenmavis Traffic Management, temporary measures are a full-time job. Working across most of Scotland, they design and implement temporary traffic management solutions that allow road works and events to go ahead safely while still enabling road users to get from A to B. With more and bigger projects in the pipeline, they knew they needed a workforce management system to match their ambitions – at which point, their search for the right solution began.

Triopsis allows us to expand organically in an effective manner that delivers efficiencies. It’s a system
that works for our needs.

Joe Smith, Commercial Manager
Glenmavis Traffic Management

The challenge

When Glenmavis Traffic Management began its search, its team initially looked at around 20 potential workforce management solutions, of which the triopsis system was just one. Joe Smith, the company’s Commercial Manager explains: 

“We were basically looking for a system that would assist us in our desire to expand. We were tendering for bigger clients, bigger jobs, and we required something that would assist with streamlining our processes to allow for an increased workflow without increasing the associated administration.”

Although Glenmavis Traffic Management’s existing paper-based processes had proved to be robust, they were also a drain on time, and as Joe says, the associated administration tasks were expected to expand “exponentially” as the company grew.

“It was all done through the transfer of paper. All our procedures, work instructions, risk assessments, safe working methods, traffic management plans – everything was developed up, printed off into a job file and passed to our operations team. Our operatives in the field would then pick up their work instructions from the depot, and complete all the work record information, vehicle defect sheets, plant sheets, timesheets and so on that were required for each job. It was all on paper.”

Triopsis is highly experienced in helping companies to ditch adminheavy paper-based workforce management methods in favour of its own powerful technology platform. The company knew it could help organise the Glenmavis Traffic Management workforce more efficiently and effectively than before.

Although the solution that triopsis initially presented didn’t quite meet all of Joe’s requirements, he says he could “see the potential” in this uniquely adaptable system – so much so that after a rigorous shortlisting process, Glenmavis Traffic Management decided that triopsis was the right route to take.

Our solution

Close collaboration is integral to the triopsis approach, and for Maria Charnock, the company’s Commercial Manager, working with Glenmavis Traffic Management to tick all their boxes was part and parcel of doing a great job. Maria says:

“Working with Joe and Glenmavis Traffic Management was an amazing opportunity. They had a really clear idea of what they wanted from the system, and we were very open to engaging with them. They had a long wishlist of really good suggestionsabout how to enhance the triopsis traffic management solution which we took onboard. As a result, not only were we able to deliver a traffic management solution that met their exacting requirements, but we improved our ‘off the shelf’ solution.”

As Joe explains:

“Unlike most civil engineering and construction disciplines, the provision of temporary traffic management can be very reactive in nature. Having the ability to quickly change planned works by dragging and dropping them around on a planning board to reallocate works as things change was a fundamental requirement for us.”

Maria describes all triopsis solutions as: 

“out-of-the-box solutions that aren’t constrained by the box. There are no fixed boundaries when it comes to a triopsis implementation,”

meaning that each project begins with a sector-specific, functionality-rich product that’s then customised for every client. 

Thanks to the invaluable input from Joe Smith and his team, triopsis was able to build a solution that delivered precisely what Glenmavis Traffic Management needed.

The triopsis difference

With the triopsis solution still being rolled out, it’s early days for the new system, but it’s already proving popular among Glenmavis Traffic Management’s operatives – the teams who are out in all weathers implementing the detailed measures that the company designs. Joe says:

“Triopsis gives the operatives access to everything they need to carry out their daily tasks. Having the ability to access all health and safety information, in addition to the improved visibility offered by the ability to zoom into traffic management plans to clearly see the specific wording on signs, supports our drive for continuous improvement.”

The benefits are also being felt more widely, with impressive new business wins that Joe says can be at least partly credited to their adoption of triopsis. The system’s collaborative nature also provides clients with a greater degree of control of their sites, which Joe says:

“Was also a key feature when choosing triopsis. We recently secured a major client who we knew would need us to provide the level of detail and transparency that the system gives us, and we’re now including the fact that we use triopsis in our tender submissions. It means we offer our clients a more collaborative approach, giving them easy access to information so they can make quicker decisions and assist with any inspections or monitoring of their sites. The remote working capabilities offered by the system greatly improve how we manage work instructions, while delivering a more resource efficient method of managing work of this nature.”

Facing the future

The adaptability that attracted Joe Smith and his team to triopsis in the first place means the system is well equipped to grow and evolve as Glenmavis Traffic Management expands. Joe says:

“Triopsis is the best solution out there. We wouldn’t have gone with it otherwise. It allows us to expand our organisation efficiently and economically in a way that means we won’t need to increase staffing levels to administer larger volumes of work. It means we can focus more on service delivery rather than on managing the administration required, providing our clients with a higher quality of service.”

As an example of the triopsis philosophy that ‘better is possible’, the Glenmavis Traffic Management system is already proving its worth, and Maria Charnock is clearly determined that the good work won’t stop here. She says:

“We’re already talking about an idea that will enhance the system further and give Glenmavis Traffic Management even more of an advantage in the marketplace. This is a relationship that will continue moving forwards.”

It’s a confident assertion that triopsis and Glenmavis Traffic Management is a partnership with its eyes on the future, and the expertise to ensure a clear road ahead.

We recently secured a major client who we knew would need us to provide the level of detail and transparency that the system gives us.

Joe Smith, Commercial Manager
Glenmavis Traffic Management

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