Bespoke solutions

Packed with features

Sometimes clients have unique requirements which don’t fit neatly into any given product box. Don’t worry if this is the case, powering all of our products is our proprietary workflow platform. All triopsis products are built on our platform and it is quick and easy to configure therefore we can build custom solutions for you.

      What does it do?

      Our platform has more capabilities than we have space here to articulate therefore here are some of the key parts:

      • Universal workflow engine – build any workflow of any complexity and depth
      • Business process orchestrator – an overall orchestration layer to co-ordinate all parts
      • Mobile – full mobile enablement and control
      • Document management – manage all documentation throughout all processes
      • Scheduling engine – AI powered scheduling to meet your specific needs
      • Integration – integrate with any other solution using our Data Flow Pipeline
      • Reporting – all data is available for reporting in a data warehouse
      • Third party access – create and manage customer and subcontractor portals
      • Security – secure by design with granular control over user groups

      To discuss bespoke solutions please contact us.

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