Become a Reseller

A better kind of partnership programme is on its way.

There’s no denying it: most software partnerships aren’t very appealing. You get little to no support, the incentives aren’t worth the effort, and you might even end up competing with your partner, who could nab a sale from right under your nose. Awkward.

It’s time for change.

So we’ve spoken to companies that are partnered-up with software providers, to find out what’s not working for them, and what their idea of a great package would be.

And that’s exactly what we’re building – a partnership package that’s fairer, more attractive, and more supportive than anything else out there.

We’ll support you technically and guide you on the best ways to sell our software. So you’ll win more clients, improve your market share and expand your network without ever jeopardising your reputation.

    The right tools for the most complex jobs.

    Both designed and developed for the utility sector, our flagship software products will give your clients more visibility and control over the people and processes that matter most.

      AI-driven Scheduling Engine

      This tool is perfect for companies with big teams, working across multiple sites, and with lots of variables to consider when scheduling work in.

      No more heads buried in spreadsheets. Schedulers can get the right people, to the right jobs, at the right time – helping them get the most from their workforce, complete more jobs, and make a much faster return on investment.


        If you’d like to become a reseller, or want us to send you all the details once our partnership package is finalised, drop us a message.

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