The Triopsis story

From one little image, to some of the most transformative software ever created.

It started with a photograph

When an Amazon driver leaves a parcel inside your wheelie bin, they take a quick photo to prove that it’s been delivered. And only then will they get paid.

Back in 2006 when Amazon deliveries were rare, the utilities sector was crying out for a similar system.

Companies needed proof that work had been completed, so we built some brand-new software that would let them upload photographic evidence on the fly.

It transformed the way they worked, so they could move from job-to-job without delay. And we soon began tackling other real-world business challenges.


AI scheduling for the Utilities and Highways maintenance sector has finally arrived.

Andy Hutt, CEO

Professional problem solvers

Every sector has its challenges, but the utilities sector has more than most. It’s highly regulated, critical work carried out by armies of field workers, most of whom are sub-contractors. A logistical nightmare.

The shortage of skilled staff, narrow margins and tight SLAs means that for a company to thrive, they need the right organisational tools. Nothing too fancy, and certainly not rocket science. Just the right software to solve their problems.

So, working with our clients in the utilities sector, we’ve developed a range of tools that work specifically for them – helping them complete more jobs and reduce costs without compromising on quality.

“Triopsis software has not just saved us money and time, but has helped us to create a smarter business model, directly impacting our clients performance.”

Customer quote

Investing in innovation, with Schedule Smart

Imagine a cross between a game of chess, an extra-hard sudoku and a cryptic crossword, and you’ve got a glimpse into the daily life of most schedulers in the complicated utilities sector.

We were asked about our scheduling software at every client visit, but we knew that developing a high value, unique tool that would cut through all the sector’s complexities would be far from easy. And far from cheap.

We were right.

But we had tonnes of sector knowledge. And after three years of working closely with sector partners, we released Schedule Smart in 2023. It’s still the only smart scheduling engine tailored for the utilities sector. Using AI to do the heavy lifting. 

Diversifying to other sectors

Listening to our utilities clients, we knew that there were other sectors with similar challenges and complexities as them. One of them being road and highway maintenance.

Even though it’s heavily involved in the in the UK’s critical infrastructure, road maintenance isn’t quite as sexy as finance or manufacturing. This has led to it being a bit neglected by software companies.

So, working alongside one of the leading highway maintenance companies, we’ve adapted Schedule Smart to be the specialist scheduling engine that they’ve been crying out for – the one and only tool of its kind for the sector.

Save the planet, profitably

It doesn’t matter where “reducing carbon emissions” lies in your list of priorities, because Schedule Smart will save you CO2 regardless.

The fancy phrase for it is decarbonising profitably. In everyday language, this means that our software will reduce the miles travelled per job which reduces your fuel costs and hence your CO2.

So, whether you can fit in more jobs, or do more work for the same mileage, you’ll be reducing carbon emissions and saving money compared with today. And that’s always good for business.