The triopsis story

It started with a photograph

When an Amazon driver leaves a parcel inside your wheelie bin, they take a quick photo to prove that it’s been delivered. And only then will they get paid.

Back in 2006 when Amazon deliveries were rare, and iPhones hadn’t even been invented, the utilities sector was crying out for a similar system.

Companies needed proof that work had been completed, so we built some brand-new software that would let them upload photographic evidence on the fly.

It transformed the way they worked, so they could move from job-to-job without delay. And we’ve been making things easier for the utilities sector ever since.

    Pain-saving software

    Every sector has its challenges, and the utility sector has more than most.  It’s highly regulated, critical work carried out by armies of field workers most of whom are sub-contractors. It’s a logistical nightmare.

    The shortage of skilled staff, narrow margins and tight SLAs means that for a company to thrive in the utility sector they require the right organisational tools.

    Working with our clients we have developed a large toolbox of software solutions that helps organisations complete more jobs at less cost whilst maintaining high standards.

      Doing good, for people and planet

      Ethics are a big thing here.

      Unlike most major software providers, we have a transparent pricing model. Clients aren’t tied into contracts either, so we’re driven to keep our software working as well as can be, for everyone.

      We invest in our team too. All our developers are in-house, and our culture of lifelong learning means that we never stop improving. We’re also opening a developer training academy in the near future.

      And while we’re already committed to organisations that are building green, better organised clients leads to less aborted works. This reduction in wasted journeys is helping reduce carbon emissions.


      And good for business too…

      It’s not enough to be well managed, better organised, and greener than green if your bottom line isn’t improving.

      So, every new feature we build into our software is there to give you a commercial advantage too. Because profit equals investment. And that’s the best way to grow.

        Boring but important

        What you and your clients need to know about your security and data


        Triopsis is ISO27001 certified and all data is held in ISO27001 certified data centres.

        UK-Based Servers

        All data in held in the UK on UK based servers.

        Data Retention

        All data retention is GDPR compliant and is held for two years as standard..

        Business continuity

        All data is backed up and then we have a duplicate infrastructure in a different location which provides a full further backup.

        Cloud based

        You simply need access to a current web browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Safari) to access the web application.

        Mobile Connectivity

        You can download the iOS and Android applications from the respective app stores.

        Want to find out more? Drop us a message